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Joinred – today is World Aid’s Day

Posted by shannonclark on December 2, 2006

A quick post, a few months back I blogged about the Red Independent issue which I admired. Today (Dec 1st) is world Aid’s day, and once again the Independent is running a “Red” issue, along with many other activities by other companies. Google, in a highly rare move for them, has placed a link to on their home page (the first time at least that I can recall that they have linked to another website from their home page).

I have been lucky, so far in my life Aids has only touched people distantly connected to me, no one in my close circle of friends has (that I’m aware of at least) been directly impacted, though many people I know have devoted a lot of their energy and efforts in helping how they can (a few friends have charities they have founded that work with Aids orphans in Africa).

That said, I know that my whole generation has been deeply effected by AIDS. Unlike earlier generations, we have a distinct assocation of unsafe sex = death. And while many people clearly have lots of partners etc there is also this looming sense that somehow sex and sexual matters are not free or easy.

I applaud all of the businesses and their customers who are supporting the Project Red products and activities, though as many have pointed out, if you have the disposable funds then you may also (or alternatively) support AIDS charities directly and not just via purchasing products that indirectly support those charities. Though, if you are going to spend the money anyway then they are attractive options (certainly if I were going to buy an 8gb nano I’d very likely buy the Red Nano all else being equal).

So if you can today donate, buy a product or help in what ever way you can. Yes, there are many issues facing our planet, but AIDS, especially in Africa, is one of the more pressing ones – and one that we at least now have ways to treat, though not yet ways to cure.


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