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On holidays

Posted by shannonclark on December 24, 2006

I am sitting, enjoying a nearly perfect cappuccino and a freshly made gingerbread man (probably made earlier today) in one of my favorite cafes in San Francisco, Ritual Coffee Roasters. Today I waited for my sister’s gift to me to arrive, which it has not, so it will, I hope, arrive on Tuesday. My gift to her arrived for her enjoyment only a day late, but it did arrive earlier today. My parents are celebrating Christmas (well my father at least) in Chicago, my sister and her finacee will be in NYC, though how much of a celebration I don’t know. Her store in the lower east side of NYC has been very busy and this along with Valentines Day is her busy season (She is an amazing jewelry designer and owns her own studio and store).

While I waited here in line a woman who was waiting was eying my gingerbread man, we chatted a bit about it, her comment, a very San Francisco influenced comment, was “Too bad there don’t have a secular humanist version”.

I am not a believer, so perhaps my ancestors on each side (though far back on my jewish side) may be rolling in their graves, but I do appreciate the value of holidays and celebrations – living alone in a new city, I feel each of them more acutely than before. In the past I have spent most holidays with my parents, often bringing friends with me (occasionally even girlfriends). This may be one of the first times in my life when I do not go home or otherwise celebrate the holiday with family.

But to an extent I, at the rather old age of 32, feel perhaps it is time for me to start forming my own traditions and rituals (or lack thereof), though I certainly wish I were doing so with another by my side.

My thoughts of late have only partially been on the holiday – I have had a few ideas for gifts for my parents – so far without much luck – but mostly I have been working on a new project. This new project will be launching in just days (I hope) and I will be writing much more about it in the days, weeks and months to come. As part of that I will be writing more on a new blog for the new company, as well as I hope articles about my experiences on a few other blogs. In the months to come I hope this new venture (on which I am working with a partner) will turn into one of my main sources of income, will take me on travels across the country (and perhaps the world) and in general chart a course for me in 2007.

As a result my other blogs, including perhaps this one, may only occasionally be updated, In the next few days I hope to make a full revamp of – at a minimum cleaning it up and updating the content, at the best linking it tightly with my other activities and ventures.

Meshforum will also, I hope, have some major announcements in the next few weeks. I am starting to pencil in a few dates as my initial focus – will next be contacting a select group of speakers and venues to find the best fit. I’m looking at some options in early June at the moment as the most likely time for MeshForum 2007.

This year I’ve bought myself a few small presents – the DVD for Firefly which I had managed to never yet catch (great, I missed out by waiting this long to view it), a really nice new wallet, a couple of new pairs of jeans that both fit and are comfortable (and a bit stylish even), a new haircut. All little things but adding up to improving my general enjoyment of life. Amazing how getting a well designed new tool (my wallet for example) can make you wonder why you waited so long.

I have also donated in a small way to a couple of causes I really support. I’ve given to Creative Commons, The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF), and to Architecture for Humanity. After I balance my books for the year, I hope to also make a small donation to Hope Street Group.

So, no matter your holiday – or if you, like me are just working on finishing tasks for 2006 – have a great time over the next few days, celebrate life and your loved ones, give back to the world, and pause for a moment and do something for yourself as well.


One Response to “On holidays”

  1. Aunt Betsy said

    Dear Shannon,
    I just read this today and am happy to learn of your thinking of late.I am inspired by your values and hope that your dreams come true for you.
    Since I am not as proficient at internet communication, it takes me awhile to catch up! However, I can see this is your preferred mode and I hope to learn more about you along the way. I am working hard to establish this Center for Earth,Arts and Psirit , a sponsored work of the Sisters of St. joseph, so that it will be sustainable financially. Now, the SSJ are the financial sponsor.
    Hope you are having a good new year so far.
    Aunt Betsy

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