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On simplicity – Google Reader vs. Bloglines

Posted by shannonclark on February 10, 2007

I have been a Bloglines user for a long time – multiple years I think – and though there have been features I have never once been able to get to work (the suggested blogs for example) in general I have greatly enjoyed using Bloglines over the years – far more so than any offline blog reader.

Today, however, I decided to take a long overdue step. For the past few months my blog reading has slowed to a crawl, in no small part because of the 1000’s of unread blog posts and vast number of “marked unread” ones I had but have never gone back over to harvest/cull/reread.

So I have switched to Google Reader where I deleted my previous 250+ subscriptions, imported my then current Bloglines OPML file, and from that rapidly winnowed my subscriptions down to ~ 50 feeds. I anticipate that I will slowly add more feeds back, but very cautiously – my criteria now will be only those feeds which I actually will keep reading and referring back to – the blogs (often by friends) which I can to stay closely on top of and aware of.

This is also part of my switching more and more to my new iMac, earlier today I also finally got around to installing Skype for OS X so I can have Skype running (I will have to install a Trillian equivalent soon to also have the rest of my IM clients active here as well). I may also soon order my planned second monitor – which was always part of my plans for this system – to have a full nearly 48″ of screen space to work with – where I could finally have lots of apps running and where I would be able to easily work on multiple projects at the same time, without having to switch between tabs or layer the apps even when I really need to refer to data in multiple places.

In addition to the monitor, I will have a bunch of other applications to buy and install. I have Parallels which I plan on installing with a licence of Microsoft Vista (even though I do understand that some of the features may not work fully) – inside of that will be where I may test out the new versions of Office 2007 and Groove. [full disclosure – I attended a launch event at which Microsoft gave all attendees a free license to Office 2007 and Groove and a free/but not supported license to the gold release of Windows Vista – it is those versions I’ll be installing on this machine]

But the joy of having only 50 feeds, accessible in a reader that just works – smoothly, quickly and nicely is very real and great.

And it is from the appreciation of such small bits of good design that productivity springs.

In other news – it was one such feed which led to me resubscribing to the Web Worker Daily blog where I left a long comment on a blog post about a no cash registers cafe


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