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we are web 2.0

Posted by shannonclark on February 10, 2007

And yes, this video has been posted in many places already and I’m very very late to this whole embedding video game, but with that said, my first embedded video on this (or any other) blog.


One Response to “we are web 2.0”

  1. Hey, Shannon. I don’t know if you hgave ever tried any of the specialised (and often free) blog editors that make publishing embedded html a real breeze (not that it’s particularly hard.

    The blog editors make any number of the pieces of blogging “workflow” (content assembly) easier. The one I use is Qumana (‘cuz I am a co-founder 😉 and it is free, easy, reasonably powerful and cross-platform (Mac and Win dows) and plugs into WordPress in about 30 seconds, with your username and password.

    In Qumana there’s an Insert HTML function that makes publishing embedded html a one-or-two click operation.

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