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Post Mobile MeshWalk – first thoughts and thanks

Posted by shannonclark on March 21, 2007

So I am home from the Mobile MeshWalk. A few quick thoughts and thanks – I will be blogging a great deal more as the media from the MeshWalk is uploaded and more participants have had a chance to write their own blogs and thoughts on the day.

First a huge thanks to everyone at France Telcom/Orange who helped with the coordination of the Mobile MeshWalk and the financial sponsorship of the costs of today.

Thanks to everyone to came and participated – whether at the end of the day for the closing party, in the morning for the design crawl, or for all who participated in the whole event!

Thanks to Twitter, who in the midst of their massive hype and growth, rolled out a cool new group feature for us today.  [a meshwalk group – anyone who followed meshwalk could then send a message with meshwalk at the start and have it sent to everyone else following meshwalk]

And finally thanks to everyone at RubyRed Labs (now Satisfaction), Frog Design SF, and fuse project! Your generosity with your time this morning in hosting the 40+ participants and in presenting some of what you have learned, worked on, and thought about the mobile space is fantastic.

Though I was suffering from a serious cold today, I had the real pleasure of meeting an incredibly diverse and smart group of people who participated in the Mobile MeshWalk. With participants from France, Japan and China (the first who flew here for the Mobile MeshWalk, the other two who live in the bay area at the moment) as well as from all across the bay area and a few from New York and other states – we had a great mix. Participants included many designers, a number of entrepreneurs, but also representatives of multiple cell phone manufacturers, many different international carriers, researchers and media.

More than any specific topic, a MeshWalk is about connections – about shared experiences and of seeing the world via showing it to others. The act of talking to people while walking with them, as more than one participant mentioned to me tonight, is very different than how we engage in more traditional business or networking environments. For one thing, as people are walking you can easily and comfortably walk alongside them, listen in, and naturally join a conversation – and as importantly, leave that conversation comfortably when you wish.

The morning started off with sprinkles and a bit of rain – but for those who stuck with it after our delicious lunchboxes from Mistral – the sun came out and over the course of the MeshWalk, we shed our coats and sweaters as the walk progressed towards the Palace of Fine Arts.

In the next few days I will be focused on the upcoming launch of my new firm NELA. As the media from the Mobile MeshWalk is posted online we will be asking everyone (myself included) to use that media corpus as a starting point for telling stories – illustrating the conversations sparked by the day, or telling new ones inspired by the images as well as the experience. I will try to link to all of these stories here – as well as on the MeshWalk wiki

Thanks again to everyone for a great day – and to new (and old) friends!


2 Responses to “Post Mobile MeshWalk – first thoughts and thanks”

  1. Two of the first discussions GigaOm coverage of the Ruby Red Labs presentation

    and Jonathan Grubb’s own post on his presentation.

  2. and the twitter stream from the MeshWalk

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