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My reasons to celebrate April 1st

Posted by shannonclark on April 1, 2007

and no it is not the many great amusements posted online today

Rather it is that today, on a more serious note, is the day that Doctor Who returns for Season Three!

Okay, so it will be a while before it is available here in the US directly (I’ll buy the DVD’s when it comes out as I have previous seasons) but let’s just hint at that I will be watching it as soon as I possibly can. Yes, technically it was broadcast on March 31st 2007 in the UK, but close enough.

I spent tonight (well last night) at the SuperHappyVlogHouse where though I missed Justin.TV’s appearance (but did see the signed copy of today’s SF Chronicle they left behind) and I then had the great pleasure of making new friends, helping out with a few vlogs (and was recorded for a possible show). A truly fun way to spend the evening.

In any case my reason to celebrate April 1st is not the silliness which will take many forms all day, but rather new friends and the return of my oldest of TV friends. All in all, what more could make for a better day?

Okay, two other things – it is likely that in a very short while, possibly even later today my new company NELA will be ready for our first beta users. And on Monday (April 2nd) my new, replacement Lenovo X60 tablet should arrive having left Shanghai China just days before – UPS Ground apparently covers the ocean rather quickly!

So all in all, a really great weekend – and it’s only halfway over.

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