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MeshWalk – inspirations

Posted by shannonclark on May 4, 2007

Tomorrow, all throughout Toronto people will be participating in the first annual Jane’s Walks in honor of Jane Jacobs and sponsored by the Mayor of Toronto.  I wish I were going to be in Toronto, my only dilemma would then be how to go on as many of these walks as humanly possible.

They are very much in the same spirit as my MeshWalk. Though with an explicit focus on seeing the city around them (as per Jane Jacob’s inspiration and call to action) and led by one or more assigned guides/local experts. The idea of MeshWalk is a bit more distributed, not that one person would “lead” but rather that deliberately everyone participating would converse with each other – and take turns discussing and asking questions with everyone asked to also help capture and document the MeshWalk.

I have not yet read Jane Jacob’s books. I think as I work on my own theory of Networked Economics, I will need to read pretty much all of her books (and cite them), her thinking and mine I suspect resonate a great deal.


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