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Following me across the net – comments, guest blogs and more

Posted by shannonclark on May 11, 2007

Besides writing here at Searching for the Moon, which is my personal blog where I discuss a range of things – from my theories of economics to photographs I have taken (and if you search through the archives of the past nearly 5 years much much more) I am also active in many other spaces online.

Most recently a comment of mine on a TechCrunch article led to being asked to write a guest blog post at CenterNetworks – tittled “Twittering and it won’t stop”. From that same comment I have also received a lot of traffic (well relative to my normal levels) and some other personal emails.

I have a habit of leaving comments which, perhaps, could/should be blog posts in their own right. Someday someone will figure out a seamless and easy way for me to aggregate all my comments left anywhere, until then I have to rely on search engines, my own memory, and the links I save.

One notable comment I have left recently is at the ConversationHub which is the recently launched blog for Supernova – with guest posts by a bunch of really smart people who are all participating in Supernova this year. I am looking forward to my own participation at Supernova and at the planned open space the day before Supernova which many friends of mine are organizing and helping to facilitate.

A few other notable ways to pay attention to what I am doing and writing (and often what I plan doing).

I use Google Reader as my primary news reader.  You can follow the items I share at my Shared Items page (and/or subscribe to the feed which is generated). I read an eclectic mix of blogs (nearly 100) and try to only share the very best and most interesting posts.

Since SXSW my use of Twitter has been one of the most impactful new pieces of technology I have adopted. You can add me on twitter by going to my personal twitter page at

Though I do not upload them as often as I might like, I do try to upload the best and most interesting (I think) of my photographs to Flickr. You can take a look – and add comments or tags at

For most events, at least in the Bay Area, which I plan on attending I generally mark them on Upcoming (if they are public). You can see what I am going to (at least the public events) at my upcoming profile page.

And finally I maintain a public calendar called Events for Geeks on Google. This free, public resource is one which I would love to have help maintaining. The goal is to list all the public events (so not private, invite only/off the record) which might matter to geeks – either in planning other events or in thinking about where to travel to/what to attend. So in addition to the “obvious” conferences, I am also seeking to list factors such as when Burning Man is scheduled, major music festivals, when some schools are on break (and/or have finals – hard to get either students or professors to an event around then) etc.

You can add Events for Geeks to your Google Calendar or other calendar which can read a public web calendar (newest version of Outlook should be able to for example).

The iCal URI for Events For Geeks is ugly but as follows:

Follow that link to download the .ics file, or more usefully copy that link into Google Calendar to “add a public calendar” or into another application (such as Apple’s iCal or Microsoft’s Outlook 2007) which is capable of subscribing to public iCalendar feed.

(I was for a while one of the editors of the iCalendar standard so it is appropriate, I guess, that I maintain a calendar which has a public feed).

And as I mentioned, if you would like to help edit and maintain this public resource, please drop me a line. The only requirements are that you:

1. do not list private events

2. always include a source URL and ideally a rich description including price (if any/known)

3. mostly list all day events (otherwise timezones become a complicated factor)

So those are a few other ways, other than reading this blog or subscribing to the feed here, which you can follow my activities on and offline. I may start using a public bookmarking tool again, I haven’t much in the past 6+ months, if so I’ll post that url when I have it.

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