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Celebrating my birthday by cooking for my friends

Posted by shannonclark on June 16, 2007

Monday is my birthday.

To celebrate tomorrow I am having a bunch of friends – old & new – over to my apartment in San Francisco and I will be cooking up a storm for them. My gift to myself being a chance to indulge, to buy some of the plenty of amazing foods of Northern California and prepare them in a light but tasty manner.

My planned menu (still may change and I’ll try to post photos later) is as follows:

Bagels w/tuna lox, cream cheese, capers. Not completely traditional, but a bit of an indulgence. Purchased at the Farmer’s Market this morning, unlike anything I have ever had before. The Bagels will be from House of Bagels which claims to do “authentic” NY style bagels – we’ll put them to the test.

Copper river salmon w/greens and citrus. A very lean piece of fresh salmon which I will sear on the stove, then finish in a very hot oven. Served on a mix of arugula and lettuce with some sweet onions and oranges. The dressing will be a very light mustard vinaigrette.

Farm Fresh organic omelettes with choice of rotisserie chicken or wild mushrooms. A mix of eggs from local organic farms prepared fresh with an organic Sonoma chicken or with a selection of sauteed wild mushrooms.

Niman Ranch bacon. For the carnivores, some of the best bacon in the world.

Frog Hollow Farm peaches and apricots. 10 lbs of some of the best fruits in the world. I doubt we’ll have any left.

2 types of 10yr old cheddar. When cheddar is allowed to age past about 8 years it changes considerably, the flavor is more intense, there are calcium crystals which develop. I was in Madison Wis over Memorial Day and I picked up 1 1/2 lbs of cheddar which we will share tomorrow.

For dessert I have a bunch of amazing blueberries, most likely I’ll pair them with Mitchell’s ice cream (or possibly a Mitchell’s ice cream cake).

To drink I hope to have fresh orange and grapefruit juice to serve with good champagne, as well as a selection of ice teas, hot teas & coffee, and really good, stove top prepared Mexican Hot Chocolate.

And I suspect there will be some additions to that list, surprises I decide to add as I finish up my shopping today.

The rest of my day will be spent finishing the shopping as well as in cleaning (and more cleaning). But this is my present to myself – a chance to have lots of friends over, to cook for them, and to force myself to clean, to reorganize, to make my home suitable for company to visit.

This summer, amongst all my other business projects I plan on repeating brunches and likely dinners such as this. Small gatherings of friends to cook for (and with), chances to entertain, the play games perhaps, to be together and converse – bound as well by the plenty of flavors and foods of our region.

If you are reading this and in San Francisco this weekend, do leave a comment or contact me – I’d be happy to have you join us tomorrow, or if not then at a future gathering.

More on the topic of age later, I have much to say about age and technology (and business) in light of the current discussions sweeping the blogosphere. But for now, my focus is on tomorrow’s feast – and on the preparations I have to make for that feast.


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