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Supernova 2007 – Dynamic Networks

Posted by shannonclark on June 21, 2007

For the opening speakers at the main days of Supernova Kevin scheduled among others, Clay Shirky. Clay’s talk, which was great, was about how communities online (and offline) are tied together by love.

The conversation sparked by his talk and by his co-speaker, Denise Caruso was great. I made a small contribution by noting the vital and import role of dynamics to these networks.

My point is that all too often when we talk about “Social Networks” what we end up talking about are static – maps of our “friends” and “their friends” etc. However in reality – and especially in the cases which Clay noted where social, online tools were used to rapidly react to for example disasters these are cases where the tools enabled new relationships to be created, new networks to form and for existing “networks” to change.

Over the past few days at Supernova, at discussions afterwards over dinner and drinks, I have been talking with a lot of people about dynamic networks – and the complexity of dealing with them. Many of the existing tools are designed for static systems – or for iterations of these systems at a few points in time – however in the cases of what interests me (Networked Economics) and in the case of what interests Clay Shirky – the amazing and powerful emerging social and business networks that are far different from slow or non-changing networks which have been studied in the past.


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