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MeshWalk Palo Alto – pre-announcement

Posted by shannonclark on June 22, 2007

For the past few weeks I have been planning the next MeshWalk, still have a few details to finalize before I can formally announce the date and full details and open up registration but I wanted to post a note here to keep my few blog readers informed of what I am working on in much the same way you would know if you have met me in the past few weeks.

MeshWalk Palo Alto will be the last week in July. The theme will be entrepreneurship. This MeshWalk will be by invite only, limited mostly to entrepreneurs. Like previous MeshWalk most of the day will be walking and outdoors, but captured and documented electronically.

We will start in the morning with conversations with Angel investors as well as some academic thinkers and researchers. For lunch we will be in downtown Palo Alto hosted by a couple of venture backed startups. Then we will head down Sand Hill Road and hold conversations with VC firms and some select related parties about the early stages of venture investing as well as follow on rounds, other forms of financing, and towards the end of the afternoon about late rounds as well as exits – both via IPO and acquisition.

We will then end the day with a party, probably hosted by a major local public tech company.

So, interested? If so, leave me a comment here or drop me a private email. In your note or email, even if I konw you, leave a very quick summary of what you are working on (or what you have founded in the past). I may not be the only person selecting who will get invitations to this MeshWalk. If you are not given an invite for this one, we will very likely be holding additional similar MeshWalks later this year in Palo Alto (and perhaps in San Francisco as well). I will also be holding a MeshWalk in NYC this fall. That MeshWalk will probably be more focused on Media and Advertising but entrepreneurs will of course be welcome to participate (indeed encouraged).

Trust me, when you see the list of who has agreed to sponsor this MeshWalk as well as who has offered to participate during the walk in conversations with entrepreneurs you will want to be there.

A few guidelines/rules however. No pitching. The point of the MeshWalk will be to focus on not selling your specific current project – but rather to learn from your peers, entrepreneurs who have done it before, and investors who work with and look at many entrepreneurs. Everything other than your specific company is open for discussion – who to work with, when to seek funding (and how much, what type etc), how to sell, how to fire, suggestions about adding early employees, other founders, board structures, etc.


One Response to “MeshWalk Palo Alto – pre-announcement”

  1. fabrice said

    Hi Shannon,

    I’d love to take part of this event!

    I am French, just moved to San Francisco after graduating from a MBA top-school in Barcelona. I have nine years experience in high-tech (Internet software company). If you need more info, check LinkedIn for my name.

    I am working on two projects right now.

    The first one is web2.0 application to ease the management of the documentation process (targeting technical writing in the field of software/hardware doc).

    The second one is still in early stage but more ambitious. It is a lifestyle application to help people make better choices about their food, nutrition and health.

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