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Some thoughts on Obama’s possible running mates

Posted by shannonclark on February 10, 2008

This is, of course, still all quite speculative, as I write this Obama has a lot of momentum having won all the primaries this weekend, but the final result of the Democratic Primary is still quite up in the air. I am, however, an Obama supporter and I want to put a few thoughts out into the “blogosphere”.

First, I do not think an Obama/Clinton ticket would be a good or healthy ticket. (and nor do I like a Clinton/Obama though I’d be marginally okay with that if necessary but as I noted, I want Obama to win it all).

Nor do I like some of the names usually mentioned – Al Gore, Howard Dean, or John Edwards. Edwards has said he doesn’t want the VP nomination. I also don’t like the idea I’ve seen tossed out in some places for Colin Powell. A few others I don’t like – Wesley Clark, Richardson, or for that matter any of the other candidates for President this time around (all of whom besides the big three turned in pretty poor showings in debates and on the campaign trails).

My primary criteria for a VP is I want a VP who will, in 8 years time make a great president. I want the Democrats to pay attention to the long term – I want another candidate of the same generation of Obama (possibly even someone younger than him) who after 8 years at the VP would make for a fantastic President.

So two names I have heard suggested both seem like very viable and positive suggestions – the female governors of Kansas and Arizona. Both have proven an ability to win in states where Democrats are not typically successful. Governor Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas is 59, Governor Janet Napolitano of AZ is 50. Both are highly skilled politicians from states which could this year be in play for the Democrats.

While for the past few weeks I have been marginally in favor of Governor Sebelius as the VP, on further reflection this evening I now think Governor Napolitano would be a truly fantastic choice for VP by Obama.

Here are my reasons:

– She, like McCain is from Arizona, which makes AZ definitely in play against McCain in the national campaign.

– She has a lot of experience, is strong on a lot of important issues (immigration for one having led a major state where immigration and border issues are important)

– and at age 50 she would be 58 after two terms in the White House and would make for a great presidential candidate at that point!

– plus she will be term limited in 2010

Either would be a historic candidate, neither are however as well known nationally as Hillary Clinton – but as well neither would come with Clinton’s negatives – and both would be strongly in keeping with Obama’s message and movement for change.

And I think either (though slightly more likely for Governor Napolitano) would mean we would go from our first African American President to our first Woman President!

If you haven’t yet voted be sure to vote in your upcoming primary. If you can afford it, consider donating to Obama’s campaign.


One Response to “Some thoughts on Obama’s possible running mates”

  1. I think either of these purple state governors would be a good choice and represent the progressiveness of Obama’s campaign. They might be a better choice over those who were in the race like Dodd or Biden. I think it’s important to have a tenacious candidate who is not afraid to go after McCain on the issues and also defend Obama against the mud that will be thrown at him, something Edwards was criticized for failing to do in 2004. Hopefully Obama will pick someone who complements him well and will take the White House in 2008.

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