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Announcing my new blog – Slow Brand

Posted by shannonclark on May 16, 2008

I have launched a new blog, Slow Brand, where I will be writing about Brands, Branding, and with some frequency food.

My goal is to post there about two times a week, some weeks more often, others less. Likely I’ll alternate between covering broad issues around Brands and branding today and posts specifically highlighting food Brands with a strong emphasis on local, serious food producers.

“Slow Brand” is an homage to the Slow Food movement. My view is that to build, sustain and enhance a great Brand takes a slow, deliberate, confident and consistent approach both online and offline. An approach that today is all too rare.

Full disclosure, my new company, Nearness Function is an ad network focused on Brand advertising. As such, I am most definitely biased in my views on Brands in todays landscape. We will be working with many brands and publishers both inside the browser and outside of it.

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