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Found, one moon, briefly glimpsed

Posted by shannonclark on December 12, 2008


on the night before the largest moon of the year

on the night before the largest moon of the year

My blog is named after a play I wrote back in college, called Searching for the Moon. I’ve written here before about the orgins of the name, though as that was back in 2003 and in my very first post in May of 2002.

The short summary is that in the play the Moon is a metaphor for Love. In my first, serious (if also a bit odd in many ways) relationship in college one evening that stands out my then girlfriend and I drove south from the University of Chicago literally chasing the moon, looking for a patch of cloudless sky where we might observe that evening’s full Lunar eclipse. We never did find that moon, though we drove as far south as Gary Indiana. And in many ways that relationship was not to last much longer than that evening either (in part she left me for another woman, who had proposed to her while we were on spring break – and this was in the early 90’s) 

Though that is not all of the story, far from it, I was not at all blameless and I had known about her other love though she would later decide that she was not, in fact, bisexual. So though we had been in what seemed quite a passionate relationship (if young, exploratory, and though sexually charged had not “gone all the way”) it was also just my first relationship, though not alas my first love (all of which previously had be unrequieted).

Alas the rest of my life with a few year exception in the early part of this century has been very much still one of Searching for the Moon – and rarely if ever finding it. 

I haven’t looked at that play I wrote in many years, as I recall it was more than a bit experimental, even had elements which called for (I kid you not) interperative dance. But though I suspect much of my writing might need to be rewritten if I were ever to try to do anything with it, the impetus behind still holds and as I looked at the moon last night I found myself revisiting it yet again.

I’ll look, if I still have a digital copy of the play I’ll find a way to convert it to a modern format and put it up online somewhere, as a curiousity if nothing else, but perhaps some parts of it will stand the test of time. 

But that, if you were wondering, is why this blog has the name that it does. Though I write about many topics, my writing has, since I started doing it seriously late in high school, been at least in part (or in whole) about the neverending search for love, the search for the moon.

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