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Brunch menu for Sunday – inspired by Seder’s and Easter

Posted by shannonclark on April 11, 2009

Tomorrow I am having a small brunch, organized at the last minute, I’ve invited a bunch of friends over to have a good meal and to celebrate the springtime. My meal will be inspired by the overlapping holidays of Passover and Easter, though not a perfect match for either. Since at least one of my guests is trying to keep Kosher for Passover and others are vegetarians (well pescatarians) I have also used that as an influence in my meal choices.

I’ll try to update this post with photos or a follow up post about how the meal went, here is a quick run down of my currently planned menu, I may still add a few dishes or make other adjustments.


Hard boiled eggs – from a local farm, cage free, vegetarian feed birds. Simple but a tasty element of the season & a good starter. Served with fresh ground black pepper (from The Spice House) and a selection of salts – Black Hawaian, Pink Himalyan, French Sea Salt and perhaps a few others.

Matzoh w/local jams – I still have to obtain good matzoh, but the plan is to serve them with a selection of locally made jams.

Asparagus drizzled with local Balsamic & sea salt – almost too simple, but asparagus is in season at the moment so I will be lightly steaming some, then drizzling it with a fantastic 6yr old CA Balsamic and course French sea salt.

Roasted Romanesco w/hint of chili flakes – Romanesco is one of my favorite unusual vegetables, it is a relative of brocolli and cauliflower. I will be tossing it lightly with oil, salt, pepper & chili flakes then roasting until tender & slightly crispy on the outside. I’ll finish it with a touch of vinegar.

Roasted carrots – another very simple but always tasty dish, two varities of organic carrots (baby white & medium orange) which I will lightly coat with oil, toss with a touch of salt then roast. I may add a small hint of fresh ginger as well. This dish while simple rarely lasts very long.

Orach salad – Orach is a variety of wild, multicolored spinach. My current plan is to serve this with roasted golden beets, baby potatoes and fresh local Hass avocadoes. I may add a fruit, perhaps Bosc pears, perhaps a few local Zahadi dates. My dressing will be a light balsamic to contrast with the richness of the toppings.

Spicy Arugula salad – I will start with amazing local spicy arugula from the farmer’s market, I may mix with some other fresh greens. Then I plan on topping with strawberries and oranges. I may add a hint of green onion as a contrast and will use a mustard based dressing most likely.

Sauteed Golden Chard and beet greens – another very simple dish, chard and beet greens from the farmer’s market, washed and then sauteed with just that moisture & a drizzle of oil. I may add a hint of garlic as well. Simple but tasty (one hint – I generally remove the leafs from the stems and only cook the leafs)

Boneless leg of lamb w/fresh mint – Around 4lbs of leg of lamb, deboned by my butcher & tied. I will rub with light olive oil, pierce with a few bits of garlic, then rub salt, pepper, and minced fresh mint. I’ll roast this until done then serve with homemade mint sauce (fresh mint, hint of sugar, apple vinegar). Again simple but really tasty.

Fresh squeezed orange juice – I bought 25lbs of naval oranges at the farmer’s market this morning, to go with our brunch we will be using two hand juicers I have to make our own freshly squeezed orange juice.

A selection of wines – I haven’t decided which wines to open tomorrow and I suspect some of my guests may be bringing additional bottles, but the plan is to have some great wine to accompany our meal.

And that is my plan. I may add another appetizer or two, perhaps some sauteed chicken livers, perhaps a piece of fish or two, depends on the crowd. For dessert if no one brings anything we’ll probably have pears and  strawberries – but my intention is to have the salads be a bit on the sweeter side but I hope well balanced

UPDATE – for my pescatarian friends I’m adding some pan-seared true cod and may add some Italian anchovies to one of the salads (probably the orach)


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  1. That is some menu!

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