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A cryptic blog post to mark a moment

Posted by shannonclark on May 7, 2009

A quick probably cryptic blog post for my own future reference.

Last night I learned something momentus yet also private. Perhaps something that for some reason I wasn’t yet going to be told.

For now I’m going to not say more until I’m told more officially.

But it is eating me up inside. I want to shout about – in a happy, thrilled way. But not being told about it directly is bothering me.

Yesterday heck the whole past month but especially yesterday was a stark reminder of just how much I truly hate being single. I miss having someone else to share my life with, someone to wake up with to share truly private news with.

Someone to know will be there when I may need a door held open or help as I do this week in getting a computer back from being repaired.

Someone to go see a film with and to then talk about it afterwards instead as I do too often walking home alone and sharing my thoughts only in 140 char tweets.

I have been single most of my life in a month I turn 35. Of all that time I’ve only been dating someone for less than 4 years. Total.

If I met someone tomorrow and married them it won’t be until I’m over 60, assuming we stayed together, for me to have spent even half of my life in a relationship.

And frankly I’m not overly optimistic certainly my past doesn’t give me much room for optimism that I’ll have a date anytime this summer let alone a girlfriend or get married.

So on a day when I should be happy I find myself a bit morose.

Cryptic I know.

One Response to “A cryptic blog post to mark a moment”

  1. Pat said

    If I could find the love of my life, anything is possible! More via email.

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