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Ideas for the city and other end of week links

Posted by shannonclark on April 8, 2011

A few links and notes at the end of the week.

The city of San Francisco, or at least a few organizations here in SF have asked for ideas from residents. I submitted one suggesting that the Mayor’s office talk with BART about extending hours of service to at least one hour longer than the bars are allowed to be open. If you like that idea follow the link and vote for my idea or one of the many other good ones.

At the beginning of this week I had the pleasure of attending the Data 2.0 Conference held here in San Francisco, while there Twitter announced a new partnership with MediaSift to offer DataSift which offers powerful filters applied on demand to the full firehose of Tweets. As a new alternative way to filter and analyze Twitter at highly affordable rates DataSift will likely play a role in some of the ventures I am working on at the moment where the ability to search against Twitter and detect trends and perform other analyzes against the full firehose will be a useful addition to other research we are doing. I suspect that in the coming weeks and months many businsses will find creative and innovative ways to build on top of Datasift.

On a personal note I spent this last week unpacking from my recent move and on Sunday I will be having a garage sale with my girlfriend and some nearby friends. To see the updated listing for the garage sale take a look at my Craigslist post (link good until the post expires).

This has been a busy week my new venture is progressing well and taking on some exciting dimensions and I have been approached by an old client to do some consulting work ahead of a major event for his new organization.


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