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Engaged – personally and professionally

Posted by shannonclark on June 29, 2011

So big news which I’ve now shared with most of my friends and family so I’m also posting a quick update here as well.

As of last Wednesday we are officially engaged (my girlfriend and I) – we’ve told the parents, are having my sister make us some rings and have already started looking at lots of venues around the Bay Area.

A rather big life step and yes being in a serious relationship, starting a company (more on that in a bit) and working on various consulting projects have all meant I haven’t been updating my blogs as often as I would like (though I’ve remained perhaps too active on Twitter). I hope to start documenting some of what I discover throughout this wedding planning process here and perhaps on other blogs and websites. But don’t fear this won’t turn into a wedding blog (or not only a wedding blog) and I do plan on doing more writing this summer than I have in the past few months.

On a professional front I have a number of new clients and in partnership with an old friend from Chicago I have been in the midst of starting a new design firm – in the IDEO model we are focused on product design and innovation services – we are not a graphic design firm but rather a business design firm. One major project of our new firm, wwbll, is called Beyond Age – this is where we will be applying our innovation consulting services towards the design and development of new products and services for older adults. The older adult market (by which we mean people over the age of 45) is underserved by many businesses today yet is a rapidly growing and changing market as the Baby Boomers continue to age and as our generation starts to reach this age as well. We believe there is a great deal of opportunity in creating products for active but older individuals, people whose needs and interests are very different from older adults of the past.

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