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Feature I want soon on Google+ (see some …

Posted by shannonclark on July 23, 2011

Feature I want soon on Google+ (see some of my recent stream items to see why) is an ability to EXCLUDE certain circles I create from my “all circles” groups – i.e. an ability to mark special purpose circles I create as just that – something special and other than the norm.- typically these might be circles with ONLY “send to email” members – frequently just one (i.e. to archive an item to Evernote or to post something I share here to my personal blog as I’m going to do with this post

– or these might be a circle I create just including myself to save things to read later or to save drafts etc.

But these should be something other than the “all circles” option.

Another way of phrasing this might be that at some point in the future I would like the ability to create Circles with other circles.

i.e. to have a “default post” collection of circles

or to have a personal circles collection (i.e. in my current schema this would exclude my “following” circle who are folks I don’t actually know personally
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