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Similar to the Google+ to Evernote trick …

Posted by shannonclark on July 23, 2011

Similar to the Google+ to Evernote trick going around you can also post stuff you share here on Google+ to a wordpress blog you control via a similar method.On go to the “My Blogs” page, there you will see a list of the blogs you can post to.

For ones you control, there is a “post by email” option.

Enable this and you will generate a secret email address to use to post to your blog.

Now on Google+ create a circle and ADD this secret email. I’d suggest calling is something like “Post to <name of your blog>” so you don’t forget what it is for.

Then when you SHARE something with that circle be sure to check the “share via email” option when you share something with this circle (as the secret email address won’t be joining Google+.

And bingo a very easy way to post to blogs when you share something on Google+.

I personally would suggest you limit your use of this to content you personally create or to links you share with extensive commentary – posting other people’s content to your personal blog seems off to me (but plenty of people do that).

A very similar trick likely is possible with Tumblr and Posterous blogs as well.
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