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Idea a shared beautiful calendar of cool events and happenings

Posted by shannonclark on July 26, 2011

Idea – based on posts I’m seeing on Google+ (and on many other sites) – a shared, beautiful calendar of cool events and happenings across the globe.With the following features:

Navigation is via TIME (i.e. timelines/calendars) but that navigation triggers the following distinctly different experiences:

in the NOW and “nearly now” portions pretty aggregations of near-realtime posts about events and happenings, recent photos, Google+ shares, Tweets, Tumblr posts, live streams etc. Aggregation and curation of this would be hard, might need to be humanpowered or at least reviewed and refined but the overall experience should be Flipboard like.

in the PAST (perhaps defined as more than a week ago) use a view similar to the “NOW” view but layer on social signals to hide cruft – i.e. filter out content without some threshold level of +1’s, likes, retweets,@mentions etc. Editing should help find the most authoritative (and accurate where possible to define that) articles, summaries, videos etc.

in the FUTURE use the knowledge of the PAST to show TWO sets of related features:

1) ADD deadlines and related events when a major event is added. For example show when tickets go on sale for an event, show when prices for an event get bumped up, show when deadlines to apply end (and start) etc.

2) SHOW the event dates – correctly adjusted for local geography and timezones

3) SHOW “great” articles talking about future events – show these with increasing frequency and prominence as the event approaches (i.e. in the run-up to San Diego ComicCon the many great articles that discussed what to expect or what panels not to miss)

Getting the UI for this right would be hard.

Getting the right content both for a generic “public” viewer and better yet tailored to a specific user based in large part (but not exclusively) on their own social connections and “circles” will be harder still.

But the result would be compelling and beautiful.

[full disclosure – in 2000 I started my company JigZaw Inc with the vision of building a smart calendar which would update itself. I built a lot of complex AI driven capabilities and also a full, complex web based calendar, but the timing of my business, perhaps ironically, was bad. But this is a space I remain passionately interested in and one where I do have some existing IP which might be helpful]
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