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The Illuminatus Trilogy and why I run conferences…

Posted by shannonclark on July 26, 2011

The Illuminatus Trilogy and why I run conferencesI own two SIGNED and inscribed copies of The Illuminatus! Trilogy. One signed by Robert Anton Wilson and the other by his co-author Robert Shea.

When I was in high school I co-founded a local science fiction convention, run by the high school science fiction and fantasy club, OPCon became our annual fundraising event plus a really fun event (yes I’ve been starting conferences and events for over 20 years).

We contacted Robert Shea and asked him if he would speak at our conference. He said he would but needed a ride. So I found myself seated at his kitchen table on spring day meeting his family and waiting for him to get ready.

As a result of his speaking at OPCon some of the organizers of other conferences and conventions around Chicago realized that Robert Shea lived in the Chicagoland area and he was invited to speak at ChiCon in 1991 (the World Science Fiction convention the last time it was in Chicago until next year). There I was witness to a panel discussion which had the following panelists:

Robert Shea
Robert Anton Wilson
Philip Jose Farmer
some other guy from Tor I think

and making a grand entrance Timothy Leary.

The audio tape my friend Dwight made of that panel is one bit of lost audio I dearly wish I had a copy of somewhere.

After that panel I got a copy of Illuminatus signed by Robert Anton Wilson.

I am not a Libertarian, nor am I conspiracy theorist or a drug user (haven’t even tried anything) but I love The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Reading it as well as getting to know, even briefly and lightly Robert Shea (and reading all of this other books which are also great) change my course in life in many small and some major ways.

Major Spoiler is one of my favorite podcasts – you owe it to yourself to go subscribe. This isn’t a typical episode but it is a fascinating and great discussion.
*&refresh=31536000&resize_h=16Major Spoilers Podcast #327: The Illuminatus! Trilogy | Major Spoilers – Comic Book Reviews and NewsIn this issue: A special guest drops by and joins Stephen in a discussion of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea’s Illuminatus! Trilogy in our latest (and much delayed) installment of The Other Word B…
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