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Why I don’t accept most connections on LinkedIn or circle back on Google+

Posted by shannonclark on August 9, 2011

Why I don’t accept most connections on LinkedIn or circle back on Google+Recently I have read articles which note that it is apparently the “accepted norm” on LinkedIn that most people accept all connection requests.

Perhaps this is true, but if so it also explains why I haven’t found LinkedIn very useful since that became the norm. When LinkedIn first launched (I was one of the first 1000 users of LinkedIn) my network on LinkedIn though I kept my direct connections to people I both actually knew and would refer business to (i.e. I didn’t then nor do I now accept connections on LinkedIn from anyone I wouldn’t do business with myself) I still had a reach that included much of LinkedIn’s membership.

In those early years I got a lot of referral requests for people a few degrees away from me, when the request was well written and reasonable I would forward it on to my contact who in turn knew the person who was trying to be contacted. This was a great system in that it was an opportunity for me to connect with and reach out to my contacts and in general it was highly effective as a business tool.

But now that most of LinkedIn have adopted this nearly valueless method of making connections the network graph on LinkedIn is far less valuable or reliable. As a result I rarely use LinkedIn other than occasionally as a research tool (but not for network connections or referrals but rather for information about a given business – i.e. the number of current and former employees they have, their job roles and types, the velocity of turnover at that business etc). All useful but not so valuable that I use LinkedIn frequently.
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