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Getting married [done]

Posted by shannonclark on December 31, 2011

[written during the weekend of the marriage but I didn’t post it, posting it now before the year end]

This weekend I am getting married!

It is a big “change of life event” to use the HR terminology – more importantly and more accurately it is an important next step in my life and relationship to my soon to be wife. The next few days will be a blur of family and friends – and lots of last minute details to be sorted (and client projects to finish) but it will all be worth it when we say our vows in front of family and friends.

Our ceremony will be a short one, it will draw upon our family backgrounds but it will not be a religious ceremony. Neither my soon to be wife nor I are religious (I’m an atheist, she’s perhaps less certain about atheism than I). A friend of ours will be the officiant and the ceremony is one that we have written along with our friend. It will have elements of the Hindu traditions, it will have elements of the Jewish and even some hints of my Irish-Catholic family. But mostly it will be short and will focus on the new family and partnership we are creating together – a relationship of equals (though like many smart men I admit that most of the time I’ll be wrong…)

The weekend will have a few events and we hope our love of great, local food will shine through – as well as our intention of welcoming our friends and family and celebrating along with them. We chose to be married over Thanksgiving Weekend because it is my favorite holiday of the year – a celebration of good food and our family and friends. As a couple we have hosted Thanksgiving meals (not always on Thanksgiving Day) at which we have invited both family and friends. For me Thanksgiving is a time to invite everyone over – not just immediate family but also the family that we have made for ourselves. It is a time to share

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