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I’m thinking about pushing the “reset” button…

Posted by shannonclark on January 3, 2012

I’m thinking about pushing the “reset” button on most of my media consumption and rebuilding all of it this month.That means:

1) not renewing any print magazine subscriptions & deciding on a case by case basis was print publications to subscribe to for 2012. I’d like to have 3-5 magazines a month – considering The Atlantic Monthly, Monocle and possibly a few others – what would you suggest? (serious news, politics, tech or non-serious games, rpgs, science fiction or fantasy are all options)

2) unsubscribing from the 300-400+ blogs I currently get via Google Reader and adding back just the ones I actually miss not reading. I’d like to ADD a lot of ones I don’t currently read – especially looking for good, unique perspectives on Business – technology & non-tech with a strong focus on design and innovation. But equally I want to read some great political blogs, some great gaming (not just video games but also paper RPG’s and boardgames) blogs, some blogs on writing – especially science fiction, and some “geek” blogs. As well as the still active blogs of friends of mine

3) Unsubscribing from many of the podcasts I currently subscribe to (especially the ones that have remained mostly unlistened to for many months). I’ll keep a few of the gaming podcasts that I keep up with, the comics podcasts I listen to but would like to add some great (but focused) tech podcasts (audio preferred to video) and possibly some political or general interest/geek podcasts?

4) unsubscribing from still more email lists – especially the ones that have remained mostly unread and/or which I rarely engage with these days. I’d also like to add a few new ones IF I can identify really interesting & active communities (and/or exceptionally currated content sources)

5) Picking a few online communities to really engage deeply with this year. I’ve never “gotten” Reddit but folks I really respect love it deeply. Clearly there is something worthwhile happening there. Equally I haven’t “gotten” into either LiveJournal or Tumblr and both might be worth really engaging with in 2012.

6) Creating my own content. Starting with posts here in Google+ but also writing on my personal blog(s) and soon our new corporate blog (more on that in a few days) but not ending there. I’d like to write more guest posts for other media outlets, write some articles perhaps for magazines or other publications and by the end of 2012 I’d like to have at least one book if not published then in the works.

Suggestions for great content I should consider adding to my media diet in 2012 are welcome – especially if you know me well and have some unique suggestions…


What changes are you planning for 2012?

5 Responses to “I’m thinking about pushing the “reset” button…”

  1. Here is a list of many of the blogs I currently read:

  2. Pat said

    Hi Shannon…. Are you “thinking about” or are you going to do it?

    My similar attempt at going on a “info diet”:

    1) No “immediate” media: (i.e. no TV, no Facebook). Twitter is the rare and limited exception.
    2) Unsubscribe to all technical email lists. ( I can read the archives if I need info about android development for example)
    3) Budget time to get the knowledge by attending an event rather than reading about it. So Meetup groups have priority over any other kind of group.
    4) Scheduled time at lunch to read blogs. Anything I can’t read in an hour, I mark as read.
    5) Only 4 blogs that stress me: If I can’t do anything about the problem or have no time for the good cause…. I stop worrying about it and unsubscribe.
    6) Schedule time to practice writing my own blog. I find this useful when I find I am saying the same thing repeatedly in email or elsewhere. I spend the time for a well-written post and then just link to the post.

    • Well Faceboook is a personal and professional requirement – and my wife and I enjoy watching TV together so I’m not going to take that approach. I have already unsubscribed to most technical lists – though I do dip into them when I’m catching up on the current state of a given tool or language. I’m not a huge fan of Meetup – though I do try to get to a lot of events every year. I read non-electronic content over my lunch hour most of the time (and/or listen to podcasts). I don’t tend to subscribe to blogs that stress me out – though I do try to read a few that have a different political point of view than my own (Andrew Sullivan for example is far more conservative and religious than I am though I find his blog a refreshing antidote to many political blogs on both the right and the left). I write frequently and quickly – though of late it has been scattered across a lot of different blogs and sites (Google+ in particular).

      I’m not a big fan of electronic only magazines as I haven’t in the past tended to actually read them – but I may experiment with a few this year. I’m more interested in general business or broad technology trends than the latest scientific achievements (which I often do hear about via some of the blogs I do actually keep up with).

      Thanks for the comments!

  3. Pat said

    P.S. My magazine choices:

    1) Science News : digest format, they get the science correct.
    2) Scientific American : more detail but still a fast accessible read.
    + 2 hobby magazines.

  4. Magazine: The New Yorker – if you need reasons : David Remnick, Malcolm Gladwell, James Surowiecki, and so on.

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