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Things every geek household should contain…

Posted by shannonclark on July 24, 2012

My wife Usha and I playing games at Snakes and Lattes in Toronto on a recent trip

My wife Usha and I playing games at Snakes and Lattes in Toronto on a recent trip.

Clearly this is a list that is long and might differ by your particular interests but I was thinking this evening about the things that every geek household should contain (and realizing that my own household may be missing quite a few things…).

What additions would you have to my list below?

  1. A bag full of dice – the full array of d20’s, d12’s, d10’s, d8’s, lots of d6’s and some d4’s plus assorted classic or unusual dice
  2. Settlers of Catan
  3. A number of full bookcases with an array of great books – likely a wide mix of graphic novels, science fiction & fantasy novels, philosophy, history, technology and more. Geeks read and almost all geeks read widely and diversely (or at least did in college and kept their textbooks)
  4. A chess board and chess clock
  5. A go board (selling my cheap one, may need to find a better replacement)
  6. A shelf full of old and new boardgames – likely a lot of modern Euro games but also some classic “Ameritrash” games as well as childhood favorites (Stratego, some version of Risk, etc). Note that Monopoly, Sorry, Candyland etc aren’t required but probably Scrabble is. What other games would you say every home should own?
  7. Lots of decks of playing cards, well used and a full set of heavy duty poker chips (at least one)
  8. Wide selection of pens, markets, sharpies, crayons and more – basically most geeks could in some manner do double duty as a 2nd grade teacher – but they use their craft tools to draw out game boards or outline craft projects.
  9. A sewing machine (yes even male geeks should likely be able to craft stuff – i.e. cosplay, larp costumes…)
  10. More computers than humans residing in the home
  11. A game console (or two or three)
  12. A home network (or two)
  13. A set of tools to take apart computers and other gadgets (i.e. more than just a single basic screwdriver). Many geeks will also have a wide array of tools – power or mechanical likely including a soldering iron, a box full of electronics parts, lots of power strips, batteries and power supplies etc.
  14. A few current and few older gadgets – stuff like a FitBit but probably also an older X/O computer
  15. At least one digital camera other than on your smartphones (which perhaps goes without saying nearly every member of the household – at least all the adults and older children each already own). Mostly for being able to shoot video and higher quality images than you can with your phone but many geeks will also own a DSLR camera for more “serious” photography/videos. Perhaps many “real” geeks will also have microphones.

What else would you expect to find in a geek household? I’m open to suggestions from many different definitions/types of geeks. My wife and I are both geeks, though in different ways and between us we have lots of other highly geeky things – a kitchen full of tools and equipment (which we actually use regularly), shelves full of serious cookbooks, her room (and many boxes in our garage) full of her sewing and craft supplies and equipment including many machines, specialized tools and parts and pieces. Geeks tend to, in my observation, go overboard about their specific areas of deepest interest and passion – whether cooking, crafting, gaming (paper, board or digital), comics, books etc.

But so to I think there may be a superset of things that most (or at least many) geeks will own that perhaps helps define us. Curious if my list above resonates and what glaringly obvious things I’ve missed….


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