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Me and my son Avi

Posted by shannonclark on August 2, 2013

Me and my son Avi

A photo of myself and my son Avi just days after getting home from the hospital.

Much more to come and yes baby photos may show up here on this blog as well as on my personal feeds in social media. Since Avi’s birth I have been thinking a lot about the world that he is growing up in – and our role in creating that world for him and for everyone. I have long talked about the failure of our media (games, films, tv and books) to actually deal with technology as it is today let alone how it will be in the future. We are at a point in the history of innovation where changes have started happening faster than our imaginations can grasp. What is fictional and what is real is not at all intuitive or easy to remember – and what was “true” even just months ago may no longer be the case.

But and this is a huge but – this very failure of our collective imaginations are being used to drive business and political decisions as well as countless personal decisions every single day. And the impact of this disconnect is growing every day.

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