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About Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark

Most of my content online pre-2007 is at either piecing IT together or at MeshForum. Since 2007 the majority of my personal blogging has been here. I also blog at Slow Brand where I cover branding and food. From time to time I contribute to a variety of other blogs including VentureBeat and Centernetworks among others.

I may add additional content here over time and will work on some of my projects here. At the moment I am working on a number of things – if you are interested in learning more, requesting my services, investing in any of these projects, attending an event I organize, or something else you think I might be interested in, please feel free to contact me. Please  either email me  (shannon dot clark AT, or contact me via Skype or Twitter (@rycaut) .

Projects I worked on in 2011 and in many cases continue to work on in 2012:

  • Beyond Age – a consulting project with partners in Chicago to work with clients building products and services for older adults. We consulted with a variety of early stage startups but have since all go on to other projects
  • Web strategy consulting for the American Association of Orthodontists
  • Advising and consulting with a variety of early stage startups, in some cases taking a formal Board of Advisors position

Projects I worked on in 2010:

  • Community Evangelist & Advisor – I was an advisor to and evangelist for Pearltrees, a French company building tools for people to curate the web for themselves and others. As a long time proponent of Curation as the future of media I was very excited to help Pearltrees find great users in the US and around the world.
  • Advisor to multiple early stage startups.
  • Consultant offering business development and project management services.

Projects I worked on in earlier years:

  • tbnl – a new quarterly print publication I am publishing and editing. tbnl will feature timeless stories – a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Watch this blog for more announcements and for how to subscribe and how to submit stories.
  • Nearness Function – Nearness Function is where I’m planning an innovative ad network for Brands and brand marketing. I also offer consulting around brand strategy, especially focused on opportunities to build and support brands via sponsorships and sustained support. I write about branding at my blog Slow Brand.
  • MeshForum. Bringing together academics, artists, business leaders and government experts for three days of learning and collaboration extending the forefront of research into Networks – social, technical, physical, and theoretical. The theme will the “The economics of Networks”.  The sessions from MeshForum 2006 and 2005 are now available at IT Conversations. Every couple of months I hold  MeshWalks, a half-day, walking conference held outside and exploring specific themes.
  • Networked Economics – I am working on a book proposal on my theory of how to model all of Economics as a network and what new questions this raises. This first book will be an overview and will address the implications for business.
  • Consulting – both with partners around Flow Economics, and on a project by project basis I am available for consulting. Typically I help companies (or investors) gain new perspectives on their business – at times this includes identifying partners and/or vendors, analyzing existing resources (including source code of applications), providing new perspectives on the eocnomics of the business, and helping connect the company to important resources, companies and individuals. Projects can be of any length, though typically I prefer to have at least two onsite, in person meetings along with ongoing offsite research and support. I typically work on a retained basis, or less often on a flat rate project basis.

And since about once a week I get this question, I am male (see photo above).

11 Responses to “About Shannon Clark”

  1. Ray Mertens said

    saw that you are a chicago bears fan that organized watching games! would love to connect with other bears fans to watch some games this season!



    hope to hear from you soon

  2. Cheryl said

    Hey! Headed to Chicago this weekend for a show at Schuba’s, and got to thinking about you. Galadin moved to Chicago recently, so he’s going to hang out with us (Lorelei, me, Sjade) and do the show. How is CA treating you? Looks like things are going well from reading your blog. 🙂

    I completely forgot that you had moved to the bay area… if I had remembered, I would have contacted you while we were there for Linux World in August. Not sure if we’re doing Linux World again this year (we tend to do it every-other-year), but if we do… I’ll definitely drop you a line.

    Have you had a chance to meet other Holo-ites in the bay area? (Radagast, Arwen, Karl, Eli… I know there are more!). We try to connect with the group of them each time we’re in town… and it’s always fun (especially with Rad’s kids!).

    And, I read in your blog about being cold while out… that’s proof that you’re becoming ‘one of them’. When Sjade moved to Missouri, after being used to the northern-Maine cold, he could endure temps (without a coat or gloves) into the teens. After 8 years of being here, he’s throwing on a coat when it gets below 50. Therefore, he’s become one of us!

    I’m just waiting for him to get home from work and start griping about the sleet that has been falling all day. Not even Christmas yet and we’ve had snow and sleet (which usually doesn’t happen until after the beginning of the year…).

    Take care, and keep in touch!!!!

  3. Cheryl said

    Oh! I forgot about Twitter! Mine is madammoo and Russ’s is jrwoodman 🙂

  4. kystorms said

    I am so glad that I was reading at Scobleizer today, this blog is so interesting and fits into the area of study I am beginning for my newest blog.
    I hope to be here more to read more of your posts.

  5. Daniel said

    Hi there Shannon,

    My name is Daniel and I work with an international charity called Breadline Africa. We have just launched a campaign called the Blogger Bake off, which seeks to raise $1 Million in funds on order to alleviate poverty in Africa. Our campaign is based on utilising the blogging community and their readers to assist in raising the funds. We would appreciate it if you could have a look at our site:

    and perhaps get yourself, your readers and other bloggers involved!? If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me!

    All the best,

  6. Paul Baraz said

    Hi Shannon:

    Was surfing the web & some of our old stuff came up. Glad to here you are doing well. Shoot me a lone some time if you wann commect for old times sake

    All the best!


  7. Barbara Austin said

    Dear Shannon: I love the 8 books you shared on FLASHLIGHT! I love how you talked about them. I immediately started reading Lasker’s Manual of Chess because I believed what you said and you are amazingly insightful! I don’t even play chess and I read it all night. I recently read “The Queen’s Gambit”, a marvelous book by the author of “the Color of Money” and “The Hustler” about a little 8 year old girl who reads Lasker, among other greats, and becomes a chess champion so I was already interested in the philosophy of chess. Some of your suggestions I have read, of course, but I love that you do what I do–you love certain books not only because they are great reads (and Lasker is very accessible considering) but because they are the books you want to carry in your backpack of life…they feed you, inspire you and make live comprehensible. Thank you. You did me a great service! I am a college prof (English) and live in Oakland. Barbara

  8. Hey I just read what you wrote about the novel “The Illuminatus Trilogy” on a website called, the article was a list called “Books Which Teach, Not Only By Being 10 of the Most Important Books In My Life”. I am a big fan of the novel and was looking to find some others that are similar to it. I’ve read most of R.A. Wilson’s stuff and I have a Robert Shea novel called “The Saracen”. But I’m looking for something more in the conspiracy fiction genre as I’m trying to get started on my own novel which I envision as a more modern version of “Illuminatus Trilogy”. Any recommendations you could give me would be great. I’m a big Thomas Pynchon fan if that helps at all.

    Thanks, email me –

    • Sorry I haven’t replied – I was out of town on my honeymoon. Here is a posted reply for anyone else, I’ll try to also email you.

      I haven’t kept up with the conspiracy fiction genre – there are a lot of mediocre books (many inspired by the success of The Davinci Code and Demon & Angels or by the X-files). I’m not a huge fan of those books or the similar books inspired by them. I would however suggest a few books by Umberto Eco as being great reads – Foucault’s Pendulum in particular but most of Eco’s fiction has much of the same metafictional elements that make The Illuminatus Trilogy so much fun (IMHO). I haven’t read his latest book The Prague Cemetery but that sounds quite interesting. I’d also recommend his first novel The Name of the Rose as being both a great read and a book full of metatextual references.

      You might also want to read (and/or view the movie adaptations) books by Hunter S. Thompson which I’m sure were at least a partial inspiration for many of the characters in the Illuminatus Trilogy and arise out of the same stream of consciousness style of writing (and in many cases a similar textual depiction of the effects of many drugs). Timothy Leary’s books might also be a good source if you are going that direction (though in a modern update I might not recommend that as a primary focus – but that is my personal take on things).

  9. Kathleen Hubert said


    I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I’m a recent college graduate, with an English major, looking to build out my portfolio. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time.

    – Kathleen Hubert

    • This is my personal blog so I haven’t had guest posts on it in the past. I would be open to the idea for some of my other blogs potentially but would need to think about it. I would encourage you to focus on your own blog and/or on guest posts to blogs/websites that are by multiple authors and which frequently have guest posts already. In particular I would also suggest that you focus your portfolio of writing content on a couple of topic areas or at least a general style of writing (i.e. news? opinion? reviews? technology reporting? etc)

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