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Moving and Life updated

Posted by shannonclark on April 28, 2013

So I have been an infrequent blogger for the past few years – for many reasons, some work some personal, none really bad just been more active in other forums and haven’t had blogging inspiration. But I realized as I am in the midst of packing up our every belongings with my wife in preparation for our pending move next week that I havent’ been keeping my blog readers in the loop. 

So a few big personal bits of news, if you read me for technical tips, political views, food reviews or other matters feel free to skip this post and come back here for future posts. 

Okay for those who have stayed the highlights only updates from the past few years.

A year and a half ago I got married over Thanksgiving weekend here in San Francisco.

Married life has been wonderful and in July my wife and I will be adding to our family with the addition of our first child (we don’t know the baby’s sex and won’t until she or he arrives). 

Later this week we are leaving the “big city” behind and moving to East Palo Alto from San Francisco. While we are both urban dwellers at heart – I lived in Chicago for 16 years then San Francisco for nearly 7 years (with a brief 6 months stint in Berkeley, the one month in Oakland was actually a month in a bigger city than SF so doesn’t count for leaving the city behind) and my wife has lived in San Francisco for nearly 17 years herself so this is a pretty huge change for us both. But it is one that we are both very excited about – not lead because of the chance to be nearer to her family – and for the little things that are harder to have in a bigger city – like more than one bathroom – but which are quite helpful with a growing family.

After the move I hope to resume more active blogging – and will be spending some time gathering together my disparate online sites into a more cohesive whole. 

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late night update on tools for a move

Posted by shannonclark on April 5, 2011

So as many of you may know last week I moved from my apartment of a bit over four years into my girlfriend’s home, still here in SF but a move is a move and requires lots of sorting, packing, boxing and unboxing. Most of that is behind us (though a few boxes remain to unpack) and I will likely write a longer blog post about the move process, this is just a quick post to highlight one service and one iPhone application which have both been exceptionally useful in this process.

The service – EcoHaul this is a service which for a fee based on the portion of their truck you fill will come to your house and haul away nearly anything which they will then sort and donate to charity or ecologically recycle. Sure you could try to get various charities to directly pick up your stuff, you could arrange for one to pick it up from your curb or you could just leave stuff on your curb. In the later two cases chances are someone not the charity you called will end up with some of your items which is, I guess, recycling of a sort but calling EcoHaul to come two days before my movers arrived was a fantastic solution for me. For a fairly reasonable fee (I think at least) they took away a whole range of items I had long wanted to donate to a charity, a bunch of older electronics which would be hard to dispose of safely and they arrived on time and were highly efficient throughout the whole process. Later this month I’ll receive an itemized donation receipt from them for the items which they could give to charities.

The iPhone Application – BookScouter they do have a website as well but it is the simple yet effective iPhone application which has been highly helpful over the past week. Before this move I owned over 2000 books. While I have been packing and unpacking those books I have been evaluating whether I want to still own a each book as I unpack it. With the books I decided I no longer needed I have been selling many of them at two of my favorite local bookstores for store credit. What Bookscouter does is scan book barcodes or look up by ISBN number a given book and then display for you the prices at which a number of different websites will buy back that book from you. Many of these sites specialize in textbooks so they will not buy many books but by using Bookscouter to scan my books I have pulled aside nearly 50 books and will end up seeing probably over $200 back on top of the nearly $300 in store credit I have received from the books I have already sold to local bookstores.

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