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Posted by shannonclark on October 16, 2002

On the writing of the future

or how I may be writing something rather long…

You hear it First. (to steal a tag line…)

I have decided to sit down and write up my thoughts, observations, predictions, and suggestions into what may turn out to be a rather long article. Not certain quite yet what I will do with this, where I will share it, or how I will use it. Nor am I certain yet what it will and will not cover, but in general I plan on touching on the following topics:

1. Software – present and future – and my observations, suggestions, and thoughts about how software both packaged and custom will be changing over both the short term (next 18mths) and long term.

2. Technology bussiness – building in part on my discussion and observations on Slashdot, I plan on discussing how I feel the landscape for technology businesses is changing, and how a technology startup might need to react to this.

3. To be a “Futurist” for a while and take a cue from my reading and personal observations about what the impact of the current youth generation will have on business in a few short years – and how this may be a very different impact that that of my generation. Also noting that this impact will be very different than the impact most likely expected by current business people.

4. Some thoughts and observations about starting businesses, networking, software development etc.

This list is not precise, I will likely scrap it in the final product for something entirely different. I plan on writing not an academic paper, but something that would be similar in language and tone to that published in a top notch business magazine (think a long article in Forbes or Business 2.0, i.e. serious but not academic). I plan on illustrating my point with many specific examples of both technology and companies – some good and some bad.

Prior to doing anything with it I plan on sharing it with a small network of friends and contacts – one question I will be asking of all of them is what they think I should do next with it.

I have found myself over the past few years often in the role of “analyst on call” for my friends and business contacts – I am often called or emailed with a question. Often about “how could I do …” or “what do you think about XYZ?” I have been told that my analysis is usually of great interest – often hitting on the key points very quickly.

In fact, one business contact told me that my couple of page email which I had written very quickly as an initial reaction to a particular company and technology was exactly what they had just spent two months, and a team of people, to conclude.

Increasingly I want my business to be about helping people solve problems – I am very good at research, analysis, and thinking – my management abilities to organizing a team of people and get something accomplished are quite good, and my writing skills are not terrible (though someone recently on Slashdot did say they were “too slick”).

So who knows where this will lead – if nothing else it will be an interesting article, hopefully of the type that I would, myself, want to read – and once written and made avaialble perhaps it will remind someone somewhere about me and my skills and lead to some paying work…


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