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Fixing “Chrome registration failed” error on Firefox

Posted by shannonclark on November 1, 2007

Since the update to Firefox I have been experiencing a problem of three “Chrome Registration Failed” error messages being presented to me every time I restarted Firefox.

With today’s update to Firefox I had hoped that the problem would have been resolved.

Nope. Instead it only got worse, whenever I tried to update my add-ins and then edit their options, the add-ins pane froze. Looking on I found one suggestion for a fix (delete the extensions.ini, extensions.cache and extensions.rdf files from your profile). On doing that however not only did it NOT fix my problem, but in fact it made it worse – every single add-in I had installed was reset to a “needs restart” and even after a restart the add-ins were not installing.

So on experimentation I tried the following:

(all this is on Windows Vista)

Right click on the Firefox icon on your desktop.

Select “run as administrator”

And poof – problems gone, all add-ins installed and working.

I then closed Firefox and restarted it (figured running as administrator is not a good general practice).

But count me as in the “pox on both your houses” camp here – to both Microsoft and to Microsoft for having such a clunky OS that occasionally you have to run processes as administrator (i.e. as “root”). And for two serious bugs – first error messages that are BEYOND useless – reporting on an error WITHOUT NOTING WHAT CAUSED THE ERROR. And second, for building a USER application (a browser) which for some reason does something during the installation process of components (i.e. add-ins) which requires administrator rights.

Seriously bad coding somewhere.

And this is a case where Google failed me. Nothing I found after searching almost literally 100+ websites and online discussions had this fix, not even discussions on (which reported inaccurate fixes for this problem in fact).

So hopefully this will help someone and the last two hours of my life which was wasted on fixing this will at least help someone else.

Update – some of the comments make it clear I was unclear in the above. After initially running Firefox as administrator I have not had to do so again, something about that one running fixed what I can only suspect were either permissions or registry issues. This fix has survived reboots and subsequent installations of additional Firefox plugins. Glad it has been helpful to a few of you (about 100 people or so a day have been reading this due mostly to Google searches)


476 Responses to “Fixing “Chrome registration failed” error on Firefox”

  1. Jason Hollingsworth said

    this worked for me in windows 7 as well. I had to “unpin” the firefox icon then run as admin. then it worked fine.

  2. Cheryl Moffitt said

    Many thanks it fixed my problem just like you said. i have been putting up with a slow internet explorer for 4 months now because i couldn’t even open firefox. but when i un-installed it and then reinstalled it it opened but had this problem so i didn’t use it. but now i have fixed it and can now use firefox…… again.. thanks

  3. Gracie. said

    i had this problems for some days i thought it was the other chrome web page.. and i uninstalled it and still same problem, so i decided to search how to fix and got ur help.. thanks..

  4. Steve said

    Thanks heaps… saved me agonizing over this issue like you did!

  5. stephen said

    thank you very much :), i prefer using firefox because its the fastest to use i believe and works best for me when using facebook, but i would have deleted it if it wasn’t for this helpful advice XD

  6. Darrell said

    This worked for me. I really have appreciated using Firefox because it appears to be less prone to viruses like the explorer browser. When I started getting this error, I thought my good fortune had come to an end. I think this “fix” should be disseminated wider. Thanks shannonclark.

  7. Cecilia said

    Thx shannonclark for the advice this really works
    hope you have a great day

  8. chris said

    thank you, so simple and so effective!!

  9. William Flink said

    thank you so much for posting this i was really starting to get annoyed with Firefox and was about to throw it to the scrap heap lol

  10. Jen said

    Now, 2009 and I had the same issue; thanks a bunch for the help!

  11. Jus Mate 5 said

    Thank you for the advice. i have been facing the problem since last two weeks, finally found solution here. Thanks a lot.

  12. Morgan said

    Wow, worked like magic. Thanks! I may try this for some of my other error messages polluting my old puter.

  13. jen said

    thanks…you’re a legend… saved my butt. Frustration kept to a minimum, cheers, Jenny

  14. Hari said

    Thanks for the suggested fix.

  15. Brandie said

    Thank you so much. It was driving me nuts every time I started Firefox.

  16. Paola said

    Thank you very much!!!

  17. Leslie S. said

    This fix did not work for me and I use windows 7….unpinned FF from task bar and start up…ran as an admin…still get the dreaded Chrome error and then the add on window pops up but there is nothing to add…keeps saying restart FF…I have no idea what triggered this big and so far I have no fix…

    • by “run as admin” I didn’t mean reboot & login as admin but to right click and select the “run as admin” option (which is present in vista – don’t have a Windows7 machine to test this on) However others have reported success with the fix under Windows7.

      A few suggestions.

      1. Run the Windows 7 task manager (which I assume still exists) and make sure that Firefox is fully closed and not still running the background.

      2. Right click on Firefox (the icon/start menu item) and select “run as administrator”

      If this doesn’t work – launch another browser and go to Mozilla’s website and download the latest version of Firefox and run the installer – see if this fixes it.

      Good luck and hope you see this and it is helpful.


  18. ben said

    Yep, solved my problems as well.
    Thanks a lot for the help, it is appreciated.

  19. Elmer said

    THANKS! I don’t know why it works, but you have helped me get rid of my headache.

  20. QATAR said

    thanks a lot for making my day better ^_^

  21. Anthony said

    thanks a lot this helped me 🙂

  22. Kate said

    This worked for me too!!! Many thanks indeed. I am new to Firefox and have just installed it on Windows 7 with the Chrome registration problem. But now solved. Another problem, IR 8 wont open link website pages from any landing page on windows 7… any ideas?


  23. tekohi caves said

    hey shannonclark, you’re a legend! that error was really annoying for the last 8 months. finally a solution. thanks mate. tekohi from australia

  24. Blair said

    Thank you for the help!! I was really getting frustrated until I saw your comments…

  25. kieran said

    thankyou this has bugged the crap out of me for ages and never had a spair mo 2 fix it but such a simple fix and yet would have taken me a lifetime to figure it out lol thanks again.

  26. Jorge from Belgium said

    Thnx a lot. It was useful for me as well, on Vista !

  27. Dawn said

    Thank you for the solution to my daily irritation!

  28. Valerie said

    WORKED! Thanks So Much!

  29. Tony Coy said

    Add another thank you to your list and count me in on ‘ a pox on both your house’
    Thank you.

  30. Ely said

    Thanks a lot! I have been getting the chrome registration failed message for the last three days and I’ve been ignoring it because I didn’t think much of it, since I’m not extremely computer savvy and figured “well, whatever. nothing is happening.” I eventually became fed up with the messages and decided to google a way to fix it and here I am. Once more, thanks. ^^

  31. André said

    how can it be fixed on Mac?

    • Not sure. I haven’t seen it on a Mac before personally – did you get this directly on a Mac or on a Mac running a VM software or dual-booting? I would suggest starting with running a permissions check (Disk Utility, select your HD, run the verify permissions) which may help you.

  32. Pipper said

    Thx man, you’re helping people all over the planet 🙂

  33. Bora said

    Many 10x man……..Jah bless, i tried wot u advised (run as admin) nd it worked.

  34. sol fyre said

    Awesome! Many thanks…I no longer have this issue. xoxo, you genius.

  35. Tree said

    Shannon, you are a GENIUS!!! Thank you for solving that annoying problem! It took a couple of seconds and it is resolved. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  36. Sarah Butter said

    THANK YOU!!! I have now “fixed” BF’s laptop & have gained valuable brownie guide points…

    🙂 x10000000s!

  37. Ellen said

    Thank you soooo much that shit was annoying!!!!

  38. Richard said

    Really, it has also just given me headache to run as administrator. But now I’m trying this trick of right click and run as adminstrator .I hope that it works for me. Thank you all for the encouragment. God Bless ya.

  39. pete shepherd said

    Yep.Works like a dream.Have been putting up with closing down three errors every time I used the ********ing thing for weeks.Read this and “poof “it went away. To quote the classic queen “its a kind of magic”. Thanks a million.

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